Pricing the Property Correctly


Staying on Top of Your Game

Tweet  1.  Know what you need to work on –   Personally focus on your strengths Have a solution for the “other stuff” How will you stay aware and prepare for market changes?   How will you create “consistent forward momentum” in your business?      2.     Educate yourself –  We are in an environment of change. (Local […]

Small Changes with “BIG” Affects

Tweet 1.  Contact potential buyers who wish to take advantage of the present tax credits – Ends April 30th.   Ask your sphere – you have a built-in deadline    2.  How often do you communicate with your present sphere and what do you provide them:    OSA VIP on your web-site – Incredible search capabilities Move up […]

It’s Time To Ask Some Powerful Questions!

Tweet Click here to download conference call LEADING WITH QUESTIONS by Michael Marquardt A great leader does not know all the answers they are simply willing to go in search of answers by asking insightful and meaningful questions from a place of sincere curiosity with a goal of learning and growing.   1.  Ask open-ended […]