Set Expectations and Accomplish More

By · Thursday, May 20th, 2010

How many of you have had dealings with individuals that you felt simply just didn’t get it!  I am speaking of other agents, clients, lenders, title people, appraisers, and even sometimes ourselves?   

Today I will share some ways you will be able to accomplish more, reduce your stress, save time, have happier clients and make more money to boot!!    

v   It is so easy to let our personal agenda get caught up in what you are trying to accomplish. Here are some Do and Don’ts — 

 e.g. – Let’s say your goal is to get your transaction closed.  

1.      Be very clear on what you are trying to accomplish and stay focused on the goal / prize.

2.      You are not there to teach anyone a lesson. Would you prefer to be right or accomplish your goal?  

3.      Be aware of competing agendas.

4.      Have you clarified what you do & do not provide to your clients?

5.      Is each person/vender you deal with crystal clear on your expectations of them? Are they in writing?  

6.      Do you enjoy ranting about an issue or telling everyone how someone else messed up?

7.       How do you prefer to be communicated too and how will you communicate to others? Be specific and clear both ways.     

8.       Are your expectations realistic & reasonable based on the current market conditions?

9.       Are you open to suggestions and learning a better way?

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