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By · Friday, May 7th, 2010

iStock_000006335522XSmall[1]A seller in Arizona tried to sell his home on his own as a FSBO for over 90 days and not even 1 agent came by to: 


Today’s conference call is on FSBO’S 

If you are interested in a service that can provide you a consistent list of FSBO’s please see your manager. 

So how can we help properly service this under worked market segment? 

Why not hit every FSBO in developments that you are most familiar with: 

Working a FSBO is a step by step process  

Step 1 – Must schedule an appointment to see the home – knock the door or call – principles ONLY ad — absolutely call   

Step 2 – Ask important questions, take detailed notes, build repor, Listen and learn seller’s motivations, (Ask the question? This is a great house why would you ever want to move?

Step 3 — Discuss: 

Step 4 – Share the power of your systems and technology -VIP on 1 Park Place and OSA (online seller advantage), Etc. 

Step 5 – Ask for his business if he decides to utilize professional broker services. You want to be considered!   

Step 6 – Stay in contact by giving him access to your systems as a free gift 

Step 7 — Ask for the contact information for all buyers that decide that his home does not fit their needs. 

Step 8 – Call each week to check on their success from the week prior. Continue to ask for the business when you feel the time is right.

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