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By · Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

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1. Create efficiencies in your business and let one task promote you in more then one way.

2. Create a goal and time frame for the number of people you would like to add to your sphere.  (E.G. 500 people in 6 months)

3. Our tool of choice will be Open Houses.  You will need to commit to 1 to 5 open houses per week. Open Houses will be your excuse to be in the neighborhood.

4. The goal is to meet a minimum of 25 people face to face per OH by walking and canvassing the neighborhood.

5. To correctly envision the opportunity we first need to agree on the true upside of the open house process.   We are focusing on the 2 weeks prior to the open house as the key opportunity.   The 4 hours you spend actually holding the Open House is simply following through on your commitment and promise.

6. Feel free to canvas a neighborhood even if you are not going to be the actual agent who holds the house open.

7. Pick a quality house and make sure it is salable, easy to find and within the price range you desire.

8. The hook of choice will be OSA.  You must be signed up to utilize the system. Remember it is FREE to you.

9. Materials to carry:   An Open House flyer on one side and an example of an OSA report on the other side. Your picture will be on the flyer regardless if you will be the agent sitting the open house.  That is your prize for making the effort to work the area.

10. Your verbiage will be:  I would like to invite you to an Open House we are doing on “X property” on “X date”.   Also to let you know that Prudential offers a FREE listing and sales update for your specific neighborhood.   I do not mind setting it up for you I do it for all the people I meet that wish to receive a real time real estate update on their neighborhood.   The report comes by e-mail and will keep you informed on exactly what is happening to the value of your home including a report on who is searching for like properties.   By the way we also offer this service free for any properties you may have through-out the country.  Do you own any other houses in NV or in other states?

11. Do the math — 25 people per OH for 3 days per week = 75 p/week for 24 weeks (6 months) = 1,800 new people in your sphere all getting an e-mail from you on all the real estate they own.

12. You now have all their correct contact info as well as their key e-mail of choice.

13. Due to your efforts each one of these individuals are ready to be placed into your 1 Park Place web solution.   One effort numerous upsides.

14. Extra Tip – Every face to face person you meet you should be offering OSA.

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