Facing Your Tiger!

By · Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Sumatran Tiger

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I was sent an excerpt from an author John Scherer – It was titled — Facing your Tiger!

I started doing some research on the concept of FEAR and here is what I concluded:

1. We all have fears – we are all afraid of something or something’s

2. Fear disguises itself — as anger, avoidance, frustration, excuses, procrastination and many, many others.   Recognize it is fear.

3. Fear gets it strength —  from people’s perception of the unknown.

4. Fear can be a very powerful blockade in your life.

5. Fear can be controlled and defeated.

Solutions —

1. Ask yourself direct and open ended questions – do not worry that you do not have the answers.

2. Be willing to hear the truth – do not justify your position.

3. Pick a modest goal and move towards it.

4. Do a Ben Franklin – Make a list of all your concerns and a list of all the amazing gifts you will receive when you attain your goal.

5. Commit yourself to your goal and face your tiger!

6. Summon your courage – defined by moving myself into the unknown

7. Continually think and talk about your goal and the gifts it will bring you when you achieve it.

8. Never give up I promise you the Tiger will tire eventually or you will tweak your attack and out smart the Tiger .

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