Nearing End of 2nd Quarter – Are you on pace?

By · Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Some of the questions you should be asking yourself – 

  1. Are you on track with your goals?  Do not justify, let your results control any necessary changes/adjustments.
  2. What is working BEST and what is NOT working? 
  3. Are you and your team using your time effectively?  Are you focused on our CORE? ( Core = the 2 to 5 most important drivers of your business)
  4. Are your goals and priorities aligned?  What you do each day are your priorities. 
  5. Know your stats for the first ½ of the year
    • Your average sales price — do you want to increase it?
    • How many client leads were generated?
    • How many clients did you successfully serve and turn into a sale/closing?
    • What is my current average commission earned?
    • What % of my business are listings vs. buyers?
    • What % of listings sold vs. listing taken?
  6. Where are my leads coming from?  How does my plan of attack need to adjust to increase my lead flow?
  7. Ask other questions important to you and your business.  

When you ask the important & necessary questions regarding your current business results it will help you create a productive thought process that can increase your current results or adjust them in a desired direction.  

If you think you do not have time to do this????  I submit to you that you do not have time not too!!  I promise that you will save time & $$$ in the long run.

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