Consistency is the Key!

By · Friday, April 10th, 2009

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  1. Be organized – Utilize systems like our paperless system which will automatically create more organization in your life, only touch a piece of paper once file everything else away or trash it immediately if it is important it will come back.    
  2. Know your core business drivers — focus on the 3 to 5 items that moves your business forward. These are your business priorities that your business cannot live without.  
  3. Focus on solutions not problems – simply keep your mind focused on what is working. See any problem as an opportunity to adjust and become better.  
  4. Excuses are your way of saying “I am tired/frustrated.”  Just say “I am tired/frustrated” and take a real break. – Take a vacation in town due something fun. You are best for your business with a positive and productive mindset.      
  5. Be the best leader you can be! – Stay committed to your plan long-term. This market environment will continue to test you. It will test your resilience, commitment, and ability to be flexible and deal with change.    
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