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1.     Bring them into the office – times are different today.  


2.     Know how to interview your buyers 


·        Determine their goals, wants and needs – FIRST!!!  Take notes. This process will help you learn so much about your buyers if you truly want to learn it.    

·        Lay a foundation for a realistic expectation while supporting their goals and excitement about the process.     (More work, I don’t mind because if you know what you are doing you can help your clients WIN BIG in this environment.) 

·        Lay down realistic and positive expectations.  

·        Explain if they want to win as big as possible then they must address new and important issues that will help them.  (Let them know your job is to help them win BIG in this environment and guide them through the process.)

·        Cover Loyalty – I can help you with all types of real estate purchases, land, new homes, resale’s for any company, etc. All agents utilize the same computer system (Explain why you are different. – How they win BIGGER with you.   

·        Do not forget to determine if they have another property to sell.   

·        Explain that we must lock down financing FIRST as it give them leverage when we make an offer. Less then the whole truth can prevent them from winning big. (Use live examples when ever possible)

·        Keep them excited about the inventory that you know about not on your computer skills.

·        Explain the entire process. This will validate your expertise and lay the foundation for a smoother process. Please do not make the mistake and assume they understand how things truly work.     

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