We Know the Las Vegas Real Estate Market has Changed, But Have You?

By · Saturday, March 15th, 2008

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Are you talking about changing or are you actually implementing it!

1. How has your prospecting plan of attack changed ?

• Prep work
• Target markets
• Stomp speech – why should I work with you in this environment?

2. How have you adjusted your hiring procedure? Employee & sales agents

• Your interview process – powerful new questions to ask  
• Your expectations / job descriptions
• Your follow-through / accountabilities

3. How have you adjusted your Leadership style?

• Overall mindset – people will look to you to set the tone every day
• Overall business focus / diversification
• Trainings for you and your people – staff & agents

4. How have you changed the way you service clients and organize your time?

• Buyer & seller interview process
• Time allotted for prospecting
• Crystal clear level of expectation for your clients and staff  

5. What new opportunities exist today that did not exist prior

• More affordable housing
• More investor opportunities
• Less agents competing with you 

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