Would Your Client's Say You Are Garlic Or Paprika?

By · Friday, February 1st, 2008

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(Read these from the client’s point of view) 

Paprika It pretty’s up a dish, but truly is not a must have.


1. You are very nice
2. You are willing to help
3. You are a hard worker
4. You jump right in when there is a problem to solve
5. You are very successful
6. You are very busy
7. You are on top of the local and national news
8. You are a great sales person
9. I trust you
10. You always keep me informed
11. You have a positive attitude
12. You are truthful

GarlicYou got to have it! You leave Garlic out of a dish you will miss it.


1. You are very professional – They are even more comfortable with you.
2. You know your stuff
3. You work hard and smart
4. You solve problems as you are always focused on a solution for us
5. You helped us be very successful
6. You are very organized and proficient – Your clients are always watching
7. You never let the media/market conditions stop you from achieving my goals
8. You ask great questions –You always are seeking to better understand 
9. I trust your judgment – We are willing to follow your lead.  
10. You do what you say you will do with no surprises- They truly heard you   
11. You get me excited about my opportunity
12. You helped me understand a process & insure I was comfortable – good and tougher news

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