Talking and Walking the Buyer's Talk

By · Friday, February 22nd, 2008

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1. Help your buyer be clear on all their options.
    • Are they selling a home first? 
    • What can they afford?
    • What monthly payment is in their comfort level?  
2. Be very clear on their DBM—Dominant Buying Motives.
    • Read in-between the lines.
    • Understand they may truly not know at first.
    • Keep asking good and penetrating questions to determine correct answers.
3. Be clear on what you bring to the table or present better then any other agent.
    • How you save them time
    • How you save them money
    • You are a top negotiator
    • You are very aggressive and on top of your game
    • You are very experienced
    • Your company has the best trained agents 
    • Your company has access to REO properties, short sales, new homes, resale’s, etc.  
    • You know the inventory better then anyone .
    • You are a specialist in this area.
    • You are a specialist in the price range. 
    • You are very familiar with the homes around these key schools. 
    • You live in this area.
    • Your company controls more inventory then any other broker in town. 
    • ETC.
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