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By · Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

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Client’s questions in today’s environment —

1.      What are you going to do to help me sell my home?

2.      Can you share any insight to help me keep my home?

3.      What do I do if my home is not worth what I owe on it?

4.      Are you very familiar with my area?  

5.      I do not know what to believe anymore!  I need to know specifically what to do.  

6.      Buyer – Should I buy now or wait?   

Agent speaking to seller —

Would I be correct in stating that your goal is to sell your home and maximize your equity?  If we are going to achieve your goal we must focus on the 4 areas that we control:

1.      The condition of your property – Stage home for sale if needed. 

2.      Access to your property – Key safe on property.

3.      How to position your property to take advantage of the millions of dollars Prudential spends to generate buyer leads – Once we begin marketing your property for sale you begin benefiting from the thousands of buyers leads we generate monthly from numerous sources (know your company tools).

4.      How we price your property in today’s marketplace – make sure to position your client’s property in the Top 3 best priced homes in the area. This will help them:

     a.      Increase the number of showings of their home, and

     b.      Maximizing their net proceeds by staying ahead of the market curve.      

We must be priced to sell or we loose the benefits of A, B, and C.   

Agent speaking to buyer in initial interview — (Get agency disclosure signed)

First we need to finalize your financing as it will give you leverage with all sellers. (Utilize MJM Home Loans Powered by Countrywide.) Next I need to know your goals as it pertains to the home you are looking for?  (Locate their DBM -dominant buying motives). We will then focus on finding the home that best fits your needs, and lastly we will focus on purchasing it at the best possible value taking into account today’s true market value. Do not be discouraged by over priced properties as we have no intention of paying an unrealistic value for any property. I have a lot of homework to do as only about 30 percent of the homes on the market today are properly priced or willing to sell at true market value. The price depends on product type, location, size, amenities, comparable sales, competition, etc. No worries, I will handle each step of the process.  

People ask me all the time if I feel the market has hit bottom or will it continue to dip. It is clear to me that when a buyer buys at today’s true market value they are in great shape. The problem comes in when buyers are comparing the value of a property to its current listed price, as most listed properties are priced much higher then their true market value.   

Take control of your clients and your business!  

  1. I will have to put “X” time and effort into this market to achieve my goals of “X”.
  2. My days should be gauged by how many NEW face-to-face appointments I have for the day not by how many hours I work.  
  3. Initial buyer interviews are as important as listing presentations.     
  4. Work on solutions! There are no problems just the journey of change and circumstances that must be dealt with.
  5. Would you hire you if you were the client? If no, ask why? Then change and adapt by focusing on your strengths.  
  6. Do not generalize the market or your clientele. Know your market stats and do your homework.

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