Negotiating to a Win/Win

By · Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

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Key Rules to know —  

  1. First person who speaks sets the tone of the negotiation.
  2. The person who asks the most questions determines the content and direction of the negotiation.
  3. The person who listens the most will have the greatest impact on the outcome.
  4. Bargaining – Who’s right / Negotiating – What’s right?
  5. Do not bargain with yourself.  Do not assume anything.
  6. Ask lots of goof questions to gather the facts! (Prescriptions prior to diagnosis are malpractice.) 
  7. Flexibility is strength!  Be open to options.
  8. Look to add value to the other side without hurting your side.
  9. You are always on stage.  Work to give a sample of your service and value everyday!
  10. Agreements are built on agreements not disagreements.
  11. Do not focus on dividing the pie but how your expertise can enlarge the pie.
  12. Educate first then negotiate
  13. Positive emotions make deals happen where negative emotions kill deals.
  14. Personalize your negotiations without taking anything personal.  Never forget you are working with real people.
  15. People do things for their reasons not yours. 
  16. Negotiation is a process not an event.
  17. Business may go where it is invited, but it only stays where it is appreciated. 
  18. “Why” questions – emotional / “What” questions – facts
  19. Never make a concession without time to evaluate and the close as your result.
  20. Be clear on the “value” you offer to every transaction.       
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