Celebrating Your Milestones

By · Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

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Long-Term Success Is Built On Many Short-Term Victories.

1.  Be ridiculously honest with yourself on what is truly important to you and what you want your real estate career to provide you.

·        Explore your purpose in life.  Do your habits align with your beliefs, values and mission?

·        Think out of the box.  If you do not think you need anything, focus on what you would like to provide the people or organizations you love and support.

·        Include your long-term goals and exit strategy.    

2.  Determine a short time frame where you can celebrate your effectiveness.  No longer then 90-day intervals.

3.  Work hard and smart and play harder.

·        Trips – Amazon, Africa, Europe, Fly a Jet, Bora Bora, Etc.  

·        Cruises – Alaska, Caribbean  

·        Spas – Top spots in the world

·        Savings and investments

·        Gifts – Charity  

·        Time and Freedom – Family, spouse, friends, ETC.     

4.  When you achieve your task, feel deserving because you DO deserve it! 

 Hard to admit but —  

5.  We get out of life exactly

·        what we want

·        what we choose to focus upon

·        the path our beliefs have set our feet upon

·        what we put into life

All these things are ours to change whenever we choose too!

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