Why Buyers Should Buy Today and Not Wait Until Tomorrow

By · Friday, June 22nd, 2007

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1. What they are looking for is here today and may not be there tomorrow.
• The product matters – Know your buyer’s dominant buying motives, their true needs will help drive their timing.
• Location matters
• Schools matter
• Price will always be an unknown

2. This type of market environment is a great atmosphere to find your clients great deals.
• Lots of inventory means lots of choices
• Lots of inventory places the buyer with more control
• Better chances for more favorable negotiations
• By definition, a buyers market means people should be buying!

3. The future is unknown – you know what you got and not what you are getting.
• Interest rates can change even if the market does not — $350,000 mortgage .50% change in rate / 30 yr fixed = $115.08 in higher payments. Always lock the rate never float, if rates drop you can always refinance and if they go up you are protected.
• You cannot generalize real estate in any market – different product and different locations will act differently. Prices can go up or down depending on the area and home.

4. Counsel your people and help them better understand their options.
• Ask good penetrating questions. Do not make lots of statements. Your goal is to lead them down the path that makes them truly question their motives and brings clarity to their motivations.
• Use facts of record to help you achieve your goals. Ask them their opinion – how they see low unemployment, consistent population growth, and huge job growth will affect this market. Correct! Buy now before you miss a great opportunity!

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