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By · Friday, June 29th, 2007

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  1. Awesome way to re-connect with your sphere. 

  2. Totally compliant with all regulations as you are not paying on closed business. You are thanking people for leads regardless if they turn into a transaction today, tomorrow, or ever.   

  3. Include outgoing referrals-so often we forget how many people our sphere knows out of state. 

  4. Write a initial letter and include:

    1. Contest rules

      1. 30 to 45 day contest is recommended.

      2. Most referrals win!

      3. 3 referrals are a guaranteed winner.  Possibly every referral gets a Starbucks card. This is your call.

      4. Give them a list of prizes that you are comfortable giving and let them choose which one they want if they win:  Dinners, Shows, Limo rides, Day at the spa, etc.

      5. Include testimonials from other clients with your letter – if you do not have them get them!

      6. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

    2. If you do not hear back in a week, it gives you a great reason to call them.

    3. Send yourself a letter so when you get your letter you know they received theirs.  

  5. After the contest is over, send a letter to your entire sphere congratulating the winners!  This will motivate the other people next time. Next time can be next month!   

  6. You can also do an annual appreciation party and thank the people who referred you business in front of everyone by handing out prizes at the party.   

    Happy Hunting and have fun!!!!!!!

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This is a great idea! I think we will try this and report back. PS, please post some of your door knocking suggestions. Grant House


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