5 Things To Do To Increase Business

By · Monday, June 18th, 2007

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Is your glass half full or half empty? How to take advantage in a slower marketplace.

1. Acquire listing inventory! Even if you see yourself as a buyer’s agent you need inventory to prosper. It will increase your buyer interaction with more calls and face-to-face meetings.

2. Focus on the positives! There is always a silver lining in any market. Las Vegas has job growth, low unemployment, population growth, and incredible commercial construction activity. Learn to take advantage of the upsides that exist. Also, when you see or hear good news, let us know so we can help spread the word and not leave it up to negative press to gage our industry’s perception.

3. Lead your clients! Or they will lead you. Buyer and seller interviews are a necessary step to properly informing your client about the real estate market and process. Lack of information breeds contempt! Share how they can take advantage of the Las Vegas market today!

4. Revamp, Prospect and Drive! Evaluate your systems and make sure you are offering the best tools for your clients, as well as, the most efficient tools/systems for yourself. When looking to increase your business, there will never be a substitute for hard core prospecting. I recommend that you gage your day, not by hours, but by how many people you actually talk too.

5. Lastly, drive forward with a vengeance! Work to succeed and gage yourself by results. No excuses just solutions.

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