10 Catalysts On Why People Choose To Be Productive

By · Friday, June 1st, 2007

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Circle the ones that really drive you to be successful in your career, as well, as your life. You may circle more than one. Be honest with yourself. There are no wrong or right answers. Focus on which one(s) are your hot buttons, your passions and what is really important to you and you will be more productive.

1. Enjoy their career. Truly enjoy what you do. Not a stretch for you to come in to work, prospect, or do whatever your business demands.

2. Specific, written, and passionate goals. You are clear on what you are trying to accomplish. This is how you choose to be productive. You make it happen!

3. Debt. You have debt and bills. Some people view the pressure of debt as motivation. You will see people go out and spend money because it makes them work harder.

4. Wants to know they have the freedom to retire. Some people may choose never to retire, however, it is truly a comfort for many to know they are working because they want too not because they have too.

5. Toys, fun, trips, perks, spa, hair, nails, shoes, golf clubs, cruises. Some people need lots of toys, fun and perks to keep them motivated.

6. Family responsibility. Many people need to be productive because they have responsibilities – family that depends on them. You have people that are not only depending on you financially, but emotionally.

7. Need to feel accomplishment and success. You want to know that you are doing it “right”. You want to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I am rocking”, “I am successful”. I want to learn as much as I can and grow my knowledge base.

8. Ego – keeping up with the Jones’. I am good, I deserve just as much as the next person. I see other people doing things that I want to do – it is a kick in the butt for me. This person is motivated by other people success! This works for many people as individuals tend to rise to the success level of the people they are surrounded by. These individuals love contest!

9. Need to work for their sanity. Need to work, need to have a career, need to keep their mind active.

10. Love the art of the deal and are darn good at it! Just love the aspect of Real Estate. They love the creation of the deal. You enjoy being in the mix of the investment game.

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