The 7 Upsides of TEAMWORK – Learn what’s in it for you!

By · Monday, April 30th, 2007

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1. You stay more focused when working as a team. Choose your team mates carefully. Focus on each other’s strengths. Everyone brings something to the table. All of you can benefit from each other’s diversity in knowledge, attitude and how you deal with situations. We all need support at times. Work to surround yourself and interact with the people you admire and the people that see the benefits of mutually sharing each other’s wealth of knowledge.

2. Always be open to learning new things and participate so you place yourself in the position to hear new things. Sometimes people say they want to learn new ideas, but fail to place themselves in a position to do so. You have co-workers all around you looking for the same kick in the butt that you need. Take the initiative to get together. It is impossible not to benefit from this interaction.

3. Learn from other people’s mistakes so you do not have to make them yourself. You can save time, money, and aggravation and move on to more positive opportunities sooner then later. Three ways to learn: your own mistakes (part of life), other people’s mistakes (the best way to learn), or continue to leave valuable lessons on the table (slow process with lots of pain).

4. You gain credibility as a group. For example, let’s say you are going to have an open house extravaganza. As a result of participating in this group activity, you will create more opportunity to get the market excited because it is not just your open house; it is numerous houses in the area. Sometimes you will have the opportunity to get more advertising support because you are working as a group. It is more creditable to your clients and the neighborhood, as well as, other sales executives outside of our company because you are doing it as a group.

5. Easier for you to present and sell. 3rd party collaboration – it is a help when other Sales Executives give you written feedback to share with your clients on their home or the overall market. You should always plan to utilize other sales executives inside and outside your company to help you drive important messages to your clients. Your message will always be more powerful and more meaningful because you are part of an awesome and successful team.

6. We all create more wealth by benefiting from the efforts of others. This is our business model! I believe that all producing Sales Executives deserve to reap the rewards of their industry as a whole. We have taken the concept of Teamwork to the next level. Regardless if you choose to build a team or stay as a single producer you will have the opportunity to create great wealth from the efforts of all.

7. What goes around comes around! We normally do not see all the areas and benefits that will come from working together. Trust the process!! Believe that positive results will occur by working as a team and utilizing the success, work ethic, and knowledge of everyone around you. Utilizing teamwork as a tool in the marketplace gives you more power, more strength, and more success.

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A team will always be more successful than a single individual for the simple reason is that you can’t be everywhere at the same time. You’ll never have to lose a client because of scheduling conflicts when you have a solid team.


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