Quarterly Business Assessment – 11 Questions To Determine Your Effectiveness

By · Monday, April 2nd, 2007

You need to ask yourself important questions at least after each quarter if not monthly. I would like to share with you some of these questions that will help you determine your effectiveness and what can be done to increase your results!

1. Are your systems working? This is a direct and simple question. As long as you separate your ego and come from a place of truth you can determine what needs to be tweaked. Do not sell yourself into believing a falsehood. All people can deal with the truth regardless of the final outcome.

2. Did you accomplish your critical objectives for the quarter? If not, why? Critical objectives are used to insure you are focused on the most important activities at all times. If you did not achieve your critical objectives and they are truly the most urgent initiatives at the time then you focused on the wrong stuff.

3. Did you increase your listing inventory? Having inventory solves many things.
1. You have thousands of agents in the market working for you.
2. If you like working with buyers listings bring you buyer calls. Everyone should work to have at least 5 listings at all times.

4. Are your sellers motivated? Just because you take a listing does not mean your seller truly wants and needs to sell. Know your clients motivation for moving, regardless of your choice to take the listing or not you at least know the truth as it pertains where you stand.

5. What is your listing sold %? How can you increase it? Take better listings at better process with motivated sellers. Know the market!

6. Do you have a “right pricing market strategy” that you discuss with your sellers? You should always be focused on determining if a property is priced in the selling zone. This can change on a regular basis always work to stay ahead of the curve.

7. Where are you finding your buyers? As times change so should you. Do not place all your eggs in one basket. Work to have numerous ways of developing prospects. Face to face prospecting, print advertising, internet, company systems, etc. Determine what works best for you.

8. Can you redirect your marketing dollars more productively? Know what is actually working for you be open to trying new things.

9 Are all your buyers pre-approved prior to presenting your offer? You increase your chances for an accepted offer 10 fold if your buyers are pre-approved with a quality well known mortgage company up front. Not to mention you will save a ton of time.

10. If you have chosen to build a team what are your minimum production standards for each team member? Not everyone will make it! This is OK. Make your expectations clear from the start, follow-up (hold them accountable) and help when needed. You will never be successful dragging anyone to success. The goal should be to help people be as successful as quickly as you possibly can. Quality people who are truly committed to the business will be successful; you need to see how fast you can get them there. What gets measured gets done! Everyone needs to be help accountable it insures we stay focused on what is productive so we can be more successful.

11. Separate from commission splits, what are the compelling reasons someone would want to join your team? This is a key question that you must have an answer for or there is no good reason to build a team. What is your value proposition?

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