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By · Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

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Today I want to get back to the basics and give you some key mindset and verbiage tips for utilizing the telephone correctly. 

Tip# 1: The Phone serves one purpose – to set appointments.  When you get face-to-face with a prospect that is your second phase, your presentation. Do not sell over the phone!

Tip# 2: Get the seller talking about themselves or their property.  Ask quick, open-ended questions.  Remember, questions attract and statements repel.

e.g. – Does your home have an open floor plan? Can you describe your home for me? How is your backyard setup?  Any specific upgrades you could tell me about? You stop talking and listen!

Tip# 3: You want the seller to ask you if you have a buyer for his property.  Your response should be:  “I don’t know at this point as I have not seen your home yet. Now is your opportunity to close for the appointment.  You say:  “I’m going to be in your area (presenting an offer, holding an open house, etc.) tomorrow, would 3 pm or later that evening be better for me to come by and preview your home?”

Tip# 4: You can determine the seller’s motivation after they have talked about their home by asking:  Your home sounds perfect!  Why would you even want to sell? You must make sure you ask this in the form of a very inquisitive question. 

Tip# 5: When dealing with an expired listing call please state:  “I can’t find your property in available status any longer.  Are you still interested in selling?” You want to see if they have already re-listed the home they will tell you at this time or better explain their situation.

Tip# 6: When dealing with FSBOs please ask:  “If I had a buyer for your home, would you cooperate and pay a commission? All you are trying to do here is make sure they are willing to cooperate. Do not worry how much they tell you they are willing to pay. You will deal with that issue when you are face to face. You simply say: Great, will 3pm or 4 pm be better for you for me to see your home? (See Tip#3 for follow-through)

Tip# 7: When you do get face to face make sure you are truly presenting the benefits of your company and your expertise. Do not let them feel all companies and REALTORS are equal. Focus your entire presentation on how you will get their home sold and put the most money in the seller pocket.

Tip# 8: When getting an ad, sign or other calls from a buyer begin by:

1. Finding out what they are looking for – ask questions!  If they are calling on a specific property, be able to discuss other properties if that one does not meet their needs.
2. Talk about the inventory.  You have to know your product!  Knowing the inventory is a powerful way to solidify the relationship with the buyer.
3. Bring them in to the office
4. The buyer will want to work with you for greed of the information and excitement you create regarding the inventory you shared. Never forget that all you are doing on the phone is working to get a face to face appointment no more or no less!

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