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By · Monday, March 5th, 2007

Culture is simply PEOPLE. A company is its people. A company’s culture is controlled by its people who have the power to change its direction at a moments notice. Each individual can affect the culture of a company. Each and every time a person comes into contact with another person this affects the company culture. If you feel your office or company culture needs a boost in any one area then realize you have the power and the obligation to affect that change. If you only complain you become part of the problem instead of a healthy part of the solution. What kind of culture do we want? How about a Positive, Fun, Productive, Caring, Supportive, 100% Responsible, Make Results Happen Culture!

Productive Culture
Culture is a mindset that starts with you—you want productive then be productive. You will help everyone around you including yourself!
• Culture is a mindset that starts with you—you want productive then be productive. You will help everyone around you including yourself!
• Create excitement with contests – groups, individually, office, company.
• Have fun. Call together, knock doors together. What ever you feel will help you achieve your productive activities.
• If you are doing open houses, get everyone together and canvass an area. Use the 2 weeks prior to know that development backwards and forwards.

Caring/Supportive Culture
• Call someone today that you’ve been wanting/meaning to call and you just haven’t made time to do it
• Write a personal note to someone in the company wishing them well or thanking them for a past act. You are changing the culture with every note.

Fun/Supportive Culture
• Everybody – right now – SMILE! It changes the culture in a room in a second.
• It’s not up to one person or the leadership – it’s up to ALL of us – everyone working together to create that culture. We will have the culture we create. We just need to make sure we create the culture we want.

100% Responsibility Culture
• Today – right now – take ownership of your business and the culture that surrounds you.
• Be honest with yourself. What are your weaknesses? What are your strengths? How can you help create a better company culture?
• Don’t beat yourself up about your weaknesses – Focus on your strengths
• You are the master of your universe! You make miracles happen!

Make Results Happen Culture
• Don’t stop until you achieved your goal. Write down your life plan. Truly see it! Read it all the time.
• Remember, when creating results it is not about how many calls you make or how many letters you write or mailers you send. It’s about how many people you talk too.

Bryan McCall, from our Sahara Branch, recently shared a DVD from Anthony Robbins with me. Negotiating Conflict: Leadership in Times of Crisis (Intelligent Leadership, Live 9/11/01). It was taped on September 11, 2001. Anthony Robbins was in Hawaii conducting his leadership conference for 2,000 people from 39 countries around the world. More than 50 participants found out that they had lost family members, loved ones, and entire businesses that morning. Diverse emotional responses within the entire group ranged from absolute hopelessness to celebration. It was all about how you see the world – a very powerful, thought-provoking presentation.
It’s how you see the world that creates culture. If you don’t trust the world, then guess what, you are not going to trust the culture around you. Ultimately, you don’t trust yourself when you don’t trust the world.

We are all very fortunate. We have so much to be thankful for. Look at you own situation and take 100% responsibility for it. Look at life in a positive way and I promise – you will have a more positive, fun, productive, caring, supportive, responsible, make results happen culture.

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