4 Questions About Your Mindset

By · Thursday, February 15th, 2007

As you look at your business for the New Year, I have 4 questions to pose to each of you.

1. Do you Possess a Spirit of Success?

Do you honestly see yourself and believe that your are successful?
Do you feel it? Do you know it?
Are some of you changed by a single event?  Do you get easily frustrated, angry, or into a negative mindset from a single event or incident?

Successful people focus on just that “Their Success” they never dwell on what doesn’t work as they consider this practice which in-turn moves them closer to more success! 

2. Do You Cultivate a Culture of Achievement?

Is it okay for you to not be productive?
Are you being productive today? NOW!

Is it okay for your team members to come in and NOT be productive?
People rise to the level of expectation. If it’s acceptable to not produce in your office, on your team, or for you, then you are setting a very low  level of expectation.  Set the bar higher – you and those around you will rise to the occasion.  

3. Do You Focus on Enjoying the Journey?

Or, are you always concerned about this or that?  Consumed by negative or pessimistic thinking?  Open your mind and heart to all the opportunities that await you. You are what you think. Choose to be your biggest supporter!

Affirm daily:
“I’m enjoying the journey!”
“No one has control over my life but me.”
“I choose NOW to be the cause of all of the effects in my life.” 

4. Is 2007 Your Turn to Knock the Cover off Your Ball?

Is it your turn to be successful?
Are you going to have a phenomenal year?
Are you committed to your success?
Forget about the “How”  – Are you committed to do what it takes! No excuses!

Focus on your journey, on what’s happening in your business.  Have fun through the process and have a kick butt 2007!

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