3 Key Questions to Answer: What are Your Priorities?

By · Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

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Today I have an exercise to share with you and I encourage you all to participate!

Step1 – Get a sheet of paper and pen. 
Step2 -The Rules:
• The lists you make are for your eyes only
• You will be making three lists – give yourself room to write
• You must tell the truth – be honest with yourself
• Write down the first thing that comes to your mind – don’t edit or try to think too much
So now, let’s get to the exercise.  I have three questions for you – make a list for each of the following questions.

1. What are your “must completes’? – Things you may or may not love to do, but must get done.  You can only write down things you actually do daily – business, life, and personal

2. What don’t you like to do each day and consistently avoid? You just never do it.

3. What do you really want to be doing daily, but just never do it?

Review your lists and make any additions or revisions.  You may have repeats in certain lists – no problem.  This exercise was about enlightening you about what are your true priorities.  If your lists are honest, you just identified your priorities.
Your #1 list is your priorities.  How do I know?  Because you actually do them!  Never argue with reality. You loose 100% of the time.  

Here’s a personal example. I used to go home and take that downtime for myself – whether it was watching TV, reading a book, etc.  My wife, Hope, might be doing something with our daughters – getting them ready for bed, bathed and I was “vegging out”.  The tough question I had to ask myself was…”What is my priority – helping my wife with our girls or enjoying my personal downtime. The reality was clear.  My priority was my personal downtime. By the way, you’ll be proud of me, I have changed that now and I’m much better at it today – choosing family time over my personal time – not every day, but more and more.

When you talk about business and say “I truly want to be successful in business so my family and I have more freedom, opportunity and less financial stress.”  Well, take a look at your list.  No wrong or right here,  if there is no prospecting or new business generation items within your #1 then that statement of wanting success is NOT a priority!  Oh, it may be a priority to complain about it, but it’s not a priority to create it in your life.

If you want your personal and business life to change:
Step1 – be open and honest with yourself and say “these are my priorities” (at this moment). 
Step 2 – realize you can change your priorities when ever you decide too.
Step 3 – get clear with yourself on what you want and make sure your priorities match your requests. Never forget that a priority is only a priority if you are truly doing it!

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